Green Before Green Was Cool

Essence Restaurant Group’s family of concept restaurants are well known for exceptional service, creative cuisine and superior beverage. Equally important to us are the sustainable business practices we have employed since first opening Bistro Bella Vita in 1997. We carefully choose our locations to add value to the neighborhoods in which we do business. We were on the ground floor of the local food movement in Grand Rapids, partnering with Ingraberg Farm in Rockford since 1997. We have become the local experts in our region for farm-to-plate cuisine including local produce, dairy and meats.

These are just a few of the many sustainable practices we follow in Essence Restaurants:

  1. Local Chemical-Free Produce
  2. Recycle All Waste
  3. LEED® Certified Building
  4. Support Sustainable Farming
  5. Zero Storm Water Runoff
  6. All Printing on 100% PCW Paper
  7. Energy-Efficient Equipment & High-Efficiency HVAC
  8. Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  9. No & Low VOC Finishes
  10. Low-flow Water Fixtures
  11. Reduced Heat Island Effect

We love customer feedback on our efforts, so if you have a question about what we are doing to become more sustainable or ideas click here.